Top 4 Free Image Hosting Websites for Your Private images and Images for Commercial Use

Whether you need images for your web pages, to upload on e-commerce stores, to post on a blog, share with friends, and family, or just want to create an online photo gallery, an image hosting website is the surefire way to do all that. However, there are a plethora of image hosting websites online today and choosing the best can be an overwhelming experience. We’ve alleviated the trouble for you by highlighting the top 4 free image hosting sites on the web:

  1. Flickr – A renowned image hosting website for your free stock photos

When we talk about the most popular free image hosting site on the web today, Flickr makes it on top of the list. Since its purchase by Yahoo, Flickr has really transformed. It also doubles up as a social networking site, which means you can share your high-quality images with the Flickr community. On top of offering free image hosting, the site allows you to edit and arrange your photos into albums. With Flickr, you can host images from various niches.

  1. Google Photos is an incredible platform for hosting both private and public images for commercial use

If you wish to upload massive quantities of photos, Google Photos is an obvious choice. It’s powerful backup features gives you a peace of mind knowing that you can’t lose any of your photos. This image hosting website lets you edit and organize your images. It also enables you to locate old photos with a simple visual search seamlessly. The pretty good thing about Google Photos is that it tracks your photo routine and then automatically organizes your images for you, allowing you to spend the saved time doing other important tasks. For unlimited hosting of your photos, Google Photos leads the way.

  1. Dropbox offers a seamless way to upload photos on photography websites and other sites

Dropbox is another free image hosting website that enables you to store a broad range of files, as well as images. It’s, essentially, a cloud storage platform that offers you shareable links to individual folders and files. It also has an automatic backup feature if you are looking to host a ton of photos. This platform doesn’t manipulate your photos (edit, alter, resize) in any way. You get your photos on drop box the way you uploaded them.

  1. Host your bulk-free stock photos on USE

You can leverage the bulk upload feature of USE to host your images. This means you’re able to upload over 100 images at the same time. However, images uploaded to this platform remain there permanently. The good thing is that you’re not restricted to aspects such as bandwidth, file size, and storage. USE is a bit different from other image hosting websites because you don’t need to create an account to be able to host your images. However, you’re free to make your images private or public. USE accords you the opportunity to edit, resize and organize your images for commercial purposes into albums. The site also comes with social media sharing buttons, allowing you to share your images on social media to generate the much-needed traffic.